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Sunday, 2020-09-20, 9:57 AM
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Lowbies guide to make money in LOTRO?
RobDate: Monday, 2012-12-17, 10:48 AM | Message # 1
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Not happy are we, until our bank balance looks like and international phone number?

Making money in game or in life is all about time management.
The more time you spend the more money you will make. It's inevitable.

So how do we do this in LOTRO?

Low player levels significantly reduces your opportunities to make money and as your levels increase, present more opportunities to spend it.
Low levels prevent you from harvesting areas 15 levels above you. Mobs in those areas will go out of their way to make your day bad.
Low levels tend to have low crafting and gathering skills. (But not necessarily).

Geez it sucks to be a low level?

Well not necessarily.

So with all this waffling on , how can a low level character make money?
A1. Level up! (Too obvious, who wants to be old and rich when you can be young and rich?)
A2. Don't spend any money. (this may help a little but I think you will be old, badly equipped and still poor)
A3. Gain knowledge. (Now we are getting somewhere).

So to make money you need to spend your time wisely. The more time you spend wisely the richer you will become.

So what is rich? 10g, 100g, 1000g?
Being rich means you can buy whatever you need and still have enough to buy what you will eventually need.
So what do things cost?
Some rare weapon components currently cost over 300g, armor items about 150g. So some high level player have those kinds of funds.
You could probably get a superb level 20 weapon for less than 1g and certainly no more than 4g.

So you could say a character level 20 with 20g would be rich but a level 85 with the same, poor.

It's unavoidable, to make more money than the general player you need to spend time outside leveling. The returns for leveling will not make you rich.

Gathering includes Forestry, Mining, Crops and Scholar relics. The most rewarding of these is Mining. Keep in mind that looting chests can also be rewarding. The later requiring no skill.

RobDate: Monday, 2012-12-17, 10:49 AM | Message # 2
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Build your skill to proficient. Sell all excess ores in the auction house. Know the prices. You don't have to be the cheapest. Never undercut by more than a few silver. Buy items that others have posted too cheaply and re list them at the correct price. (Allow for the ~10% AH fee). Most ores will sell as long as you are about the market price. Sell those ingots you made too.
You should be able to gather 100 to 150 ore in an hour. It will sell for 2 to 5g for 100 ore in AH

These are not as profitable as mining. Wood can have a reasonable return but is not in as high a demand. Crops are almost useless. Relics sell well but the nodes for Scholar Relics are sparse. Its a good skill if you happen to be there.

Mine nodes re-spawn every 10 minuets. They don't always re-spawn at the same location but they do re-spawn in the same area. Each area has a few places where the node will re-spawn. Eventually you will get to know all the spawn locations of each area. Try to move from area to area in a circular path so your trip takes longer than 10 mins. Avoid if possible mining where others are hunting. They will (steal) your nodes. If you see two nodes close to each other it is because two areas are close to each other. Where there is a mining node there is also usually a timber node.

Building Crafting skill will make you poor. You don't have to make things to be rich. None the less, making your items has it's own appeal.

Farming is a wonderful cure for insomnia. The dedicated farmer should have a comfortable chair with arms so you wont fall out.
Farming can be very profitable. It coexists with cooking. Both these skills can be maxed out by a low level character without need for items only found in high level areas.
Farmed crops reward shards, sigils and crests along with the crit components needed by cooks.
Crit items for farming are available from NPC vendors up to T6. T7 and T8 are a product of farming with a diminishing return.
Currently the best rewards for crops are Eastemnet crops. 400 fields (a few hours work) will reward you with about 800s for processed crops, 2g for crit items at vendor, some soil (farming crit item) and occasionally a Tarnished Crest of Rohan which currently sell at AH for 10 to 13g each.
Without the crests gathering would be more profitable.

As mentioned some players list items at lower prices than people are willing to pay. Buying items and re listing them can be profitable. Keep in mind the AH charges a fee for a successful sale of about 10% of the sale price. (The listing fee is separate). You need to know what things sell for and they need to be in high demand.

Well in my opinion most of the ways to make money are pretty boring. Leveling up and spending time with guild mates is much more appealing even if my gear is not quite so good.
It just goes to prove money isn't everything.

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ƒatality ƒorum§ » Lord of the Rings Online - Fatality » - ƒatalitys Awesum Library - » Lowbies guide to make money in LOTRO?
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