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Sunday, 2020-09-27, 5:23 PM
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Ventrilo for the Dummies
RobDate: Thursday, 2012-12-13, 4:20 AM | Message # 1
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Ventrilo is a voice chat service that allows people across the world to communicate with each other.
It is generally used by social groups and in our case game players who are members and their visitors of the LOTRO Brandywine guild - Fatality.

Ventrilo uses Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Communication is setup between the users computer and a Ventrilo server that hosts the service.

Installation and use requires the installation of either the 32 bit or 64 bit client under Windows and other supported operating systems.
Once installed the user needs to setup a username, configure the settings to talk to the server and setup their sound devices to suit.

Before downloading the client you need to check what version of Windows you have (if you don't already know) and Microsoft has instructions here: Microsoft Windows Version Checking

The end user software (client) can be downloaded from Ventrilo Downloads
Make sure you choose the correct version for Windows (32 bit or 64 bit).

Once downloaded install it on your computer.

Start the Ventrilo client software and create a username but nothing else. Choose a name you would like everyone to recognize you by. Keep in mind you will probably have more than one character in the game.
(Important - Close the client before continuing).

To complete setting up the client run this by copying it into a run command.
ventrilo://"Fatality Gaming"

To open a run command press "Windows" key and "R" key together. (The "Windows" key has a flag on it and is usually between the left "CTRL" & left "ALT" keys on most keyboards).

Currently the Ventrilo service requires no password.

Ventrilo should open and have the server settings applied under your chosen user name.
If someone else from your household also uses Ventrilo under another name you may need to apply the server settings manually to the second user name. (I have not tested if it can automatically be applies to the second user name by running the string quoted).

Open Ventrilo and check the correct user name is displayed.
Before connecting to the server you will need to make sure your sound and microphone will work.
Using a microphone is optional as you may not wish others to hear your voice. You may have chosen to listen only. This is quite acceptable. Keep in mind you can disable all outbound communications in SETUP or MUTE the microphone when connected.

If you have more than one sound device in your computer you may need to change the output and input device settings to suit.
Examples are some gaming keyboards with speaker and microphone jacks, Bluetooth headsets and USB headsets.
If you only have one you can skip the next section and connect to the server.

On the Ventrilo window are a few buttons and one with SETUP on it. Click it to open the settings page.
Windows supports multiple sound devices and they can all be used at the same time. e.g. You can play a game and listen to YouTube on a USB headset. Both the normal speakers and headset will have separate sounds.
You may wish to hear game sounds over the main speaker on your computer and hear voice on your headset. You may wish to hear everything on your headset.
Ventrilo supports multiple sound devices and you can choose where voice, text to speech and notifications are played.


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RobDate: Thursday, 2012-12-13, 4:20 AM | Message # 2
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The settings and options for Ventrilo are set by clicking SETUP on the main Ventrilo window.
There are a number of tabs across the top of the SETUP window.
The first is VOICE and last is GLOBAL.

Output sound destinations (output device choices) can be set under:
* VOICE - for voice chat from other users,
* BINDS for notifications and SPEECH for text-to-speech events and
* EVENTS tab allows you to enable text-to-speech and choose the sound notifications for events.

So set the output devices to your preference and enable text-to-speech if desired. There is a PLAY button to check your setting under the EVENTS tab.

Before setting the microphone settings in Ventrilo please check it is working OK with the Windows tool. In Windows 7 and Vista open Control Panel and Click Sound or Hardware and Sound then Sound. Click the RECORDING tab and choose your microphone. Click the CONFIGURE button and then choose Setup Microphone and follow the instructions.

Back in Ventrilo SETUP, you can now set the input device under the VOICE tab.
At the bottom left are two buttons MONITOR and TEST that are used to check your microphone. The MONITOR and TEST buttons need to be clicked a second time to disable the tests. IE They toggle on and off.

Click MONITOR and speak. Numbers should be displayed in the column just up to the right. These numbers increase with volume. 0 being no sound. Above the MONITOR button and about half way up is a field for SENSITIVITY. This setting us used if you wish to use voice activated transmission of what you say rather than pushing a button to speak. The setting should be above silence 0 but not so low as to trigger transmission for the slightest sound. Above it is the HOTKEY field that may be greyed out if "Use Push To Talk" (PTT) is not enabled. Highlighting this field and pressing any button or mouse click will chance the setting to the key or button pressed.
Above the PTT is "Enable outgoing communications" un-checking this will disable all outbound speech independent of the mute button on the main Ventrilo window.

To listen to the quality of your microphone and speech you can use the TEST button but before doing so set the CODEC to "speex" and FORMAT to something towards the bottom of the list (high quality). (These settings only effect the test as the Ventrilo server sets it's own preferences).

Click the TEST button and speak briefly. The system will record your speech and play it back to you. It will not be broadcast to others. You will need to press the PTT key to speak if Push to Talk is desired. If you are using Voice Activated adjust the sensitivity so your voice starts transmission but it does not transmit when you stop. The SILENCE TIME setting tells Ventrilo how long after you pause speaking to stop transmitting.

Close the SETUP window if open.
Click the CONNECT button.

If you connect successfully a list of chat areas will be displayed.
We usually use the General Chat under LOTRO for the game.
If someone is on they will usually be there.
Try talking and listening and ask the others how you sound.
You may need to adjust your microphone levels and playback levels under SETUP so you are clear and don't blast their ears out and they not yours.

When done press DISCONNECT and close Ventrilo.

Please let me know if you have any difficulty following these instructions.
I hope they help rather than confuse.

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Heather[FL]Date: Friday, 2012-12-14, 11:22 PM | Message # 3
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Nice instructions Rob (:

"& i can Die now, Rebirth Mother Fucker Hop up in my spaceship & leave earth motherfucker"
RobDate: Wednesday, 2013-01-09, 8:10 AM | Message # 4
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Ventrilo now uses a password.

Replace the command I stated above with:
ventrilo://"Fatality Gaming"&serverpassword=Pass

Where Pass is replaced with the relevant password. (Guild MOTD currently has it)
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