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Fatality Kinship

Fatality is a Lord of the Rings OnLine kinship on the Brandywine server.
(Rank 10 with a beautiful kinhouse)

The Fatality Kin seeks to provide our members with the knowledge and support through our staff of experienced officers. We seek to be as casual as possible, even though there are a few hardcore gamers among us. We seek to be the best at helping other like minded, mature gamers pursue all the game has to offer, at a relaxed pace, while having fun at the same time.

Our Knowledge: Our website offers a central location for the communication of this knowledge to our membership, as well as a place for the members to share their knowledge and experiences with the entire kinship through the forums and galleries. All members are encouraged to register and make use of this valuable resource. New members will find the officers and even the members are friendly and helpful. The website contains links to several sites with databases full of information on the game, as well as different maps, as they become available. There is also information to assist with crafting, and there are several GM crafters available to assist with crafting items.

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Every day/night there are 15-25 members on and willing to help. Whether it be with questing, Skirmishing, or Runs, kinchat is always active with friendly people.

We Are Recruiting!
Looking for Mature Members
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New Ventrillo IP fatalitygaming.typefrag.com Port: 26267

All Members Must Check the
Forums & News Updates Weekly.
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[2012-12-03][Lord of the Rings]
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[2012-03-07][Clan Updates]
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