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Monday, 2018-01-22, 6:56 PM
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failing Internet connection
JamaraenDate: Sunday, 2012-12-30, 1:37 PM | Message # 1
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a very weird thing that I can't really explain.
First of all, I'm not a noob in computers, and I have been a teacher in LAN and Internet for years...

1 year ago I could switch my ADSL connection to a 8 MB one, but as I am 3.5 kilometers from the dslam, speed is a lot slower.
When I play a game, and ONLY when I play, I am disconnected once or twice an evening. Not from server, from Internet : I lose the connection. Need between 30 sec and 1 min to reconnect.

That's so weird : I can be for hours working on my Internet sites, with joomla for example ; I can be downloading files for hours, or uploading, I don't lose the connection.
I play ? , hop, in the next hour, or 2 hours, I lose the connection for while.

If some computer specialist, knowing better than me, can explain that, I'll be happy.
RobDate: Wednesday, 2013-01-09, 7:49 AM | Message # 2
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Hi mate,
You probably have fixed this already?
Anyway I think I have seen this problem before.

At 3.5 km and allowing for quality of copper I would be surprised if you get a good connection better than 2Mbit download with aDSL.
I assume you have an aDSL 2+ (modem/router)?
It will attempt to connect at the fastest speed possible that it assumes is stable.
Sometimes this speed is a bit optimistic.

Running ping tests a troublesome times will probably show some packet loss to you ISP's router.
Run a tracert to a web site and pick a hop close to you for this test preferably the next hop beyond your router.

If you see packet loss, Phone your ISP and ask them to test the connection.
I had a similar fault and had to reduce my max speed to stabilises the connection. (I assume this is dont at the DSLAM)
ƒatality ƒorum§ » Tech Forums » Tech. Issues » failing Internet connection
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